Exploring the New Tahoe East Shore Trail

Exploring the New Tahoe East Shore Trail

With the Tahoe East Shore Trail, the whole family can now bike, run, or walk along three miles of some of the most scenic shoreline in Lake Tahoe.
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With more than 70 miles of shoreline surrounding Lake Tahoe, the things to do with kids on and around the lake are truly limitless. Yet one of the most beautiful parts of the lake, the northeast shoreline with its aqua blue water and exposed boulders, has historically been less accessible than others. Until now.

The new (as of July 2019) Tahoe East Shore Trail is a 3-mile long, paved trail for hiking and biking the shoreline between the Tunnel Creek Cafe in Incline Village and Sand Harbor Beach. With more development still to come, the trail offers up truly amazing views of the lake, 11 shoreline access points, 17 designated vista points, and features a 810-foot long bridge. We'll bring the bikes next time but here are a few of the highlights from our family's recent outdoor adventure with the kids on the Tahoe East Shore Trail.

Tahoe East Shore TrailParking on the busy roadside and running across traffic was previously a dangerous game of "frogger." Now, just park at the new designated parking lot and enjoy the trail all the way to Sand Harbor Beach.

Shred Dog kids on the Tahoe East Shore TrailThe amazing views from this side of the lake are there even when driving by in a car but the trail now brings them up close and personal, especially with the new bridge.

kids on beach in lake tahoeThere is generally no shortage of summer crowds in the Lake Tahoe area but with plentiful and easy access points to the shoreline, it's even possible to find a little solitude now and then.

kids on rocks in lake tahoeOf course, if your kids are like mine, sitting still reflecting in solitude doesn't last long. Scrambling on rocks is pretty universal and can be done anywhere, but this is a spectacular place for it!

sunset at the Tahoe East Shore TrailBeing on the east side of the lake means one thing the west side doesn't have... sunset at the end of a fun family adventure! 


This Family Adventure was contributed by Joe Commendatore, a Lake Tahoe native and adventure-loving dad. You can check out more of his family's outdoor adventures by following him on Instagram @truckeeski and also his Rad Dad community facebook page.


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