Team AKOVA is our sponsored athlete program that celebrates and supports kids who compete in an action sports, push themselves to excel and perform recreationally, and live an active, outdoor, healthy lifestyle, encouraging others around them to do the same. We are honored and proud to sponsor the youth athletes on Team AKOVA and are always looking for new potential team members.

And with our new AKOVA adult styles, we will soon be recruiting for teen and adult team athletes.


Team AKOVA is our sponsored athlete program that celebrates and supports kids who compete in an action sports, push themselves to excel and perform recreationally, and live an active, outdoor, healthy lifestyle, encouraging others around them to do the same. We are honored and proud to sponsor the youth athletes on the team and are always looking for new potential team members.

Think you have what it takes to join team shred dog?

Team AKOVA Application

We do not have detailed vetting criteria such as only sponsoring kids who compete or have a minimum number of social media followers, but generally look for kids who are active outdoor enthusiasts, especially skiing and snowboarding (given the gear we provide to our athletes), and either compete, demonstrate strong skills for their age, and are pursuing their sport with a passion for ongoing progression and improvement.

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Meet the Team

Cristina Morelli

Cristina Morelli is a mogul skier on the Park City Mogul Team. Her goal is to make the US Ski team and eventually compete in the Olympics. She is nationally ranked, top 30 for girls in the US, and top 3 in her age group. She qualified for Nationals before she was of age and is also the youngest girl to compete cork and full. She also enjoys road biking, her two cats, and freeskiing with her family and friends.

Jax Allen

Jax, 12 yo, can be found year round riding the mountains around Lake Tahoe. Jax has been riding and competing in the Vans Methodology, Big Air and USASA events for the past few years. When Jax isn't on the mountain you can find him at the dojo working on his next degree black belt, working out at gymnastics, surfing Pismo Beach or riding his mountain bike on the local trails.

Gunnar Andrews

Gunnar is 11 years old and from North Carolina. He started wakeboard and snowboarding at 3 years old and started competing in both shortly after. The highlight of his year is typically coming out to Copper Mountain for the USASA Nationals. Not only for the competition but the chance to ride some powder!

Kylie Crane

Kylie is a 7-year-old Utah native. She's been snowboarding since she could walk at 11 months old. She now loves to both ski and snowboard at her home resort of Solitude Mountain. Her favorite place to ski is "anywhere in the trees!" When she's not shredding on the mountain, she enjoys camping and hiking with her little brother and her parents.

Dominic DeStefano

Dominic DeStefano, 11yo, holds 17 Series Championship Titles in SL, GS, Boardercross, SlopeStyle and Rail Jam, but that's not what makes him an inspiration. Dom was born with a rare genetic disorder called Galactosemia, at 8 days old he battled for what doctors believed was his last breath to only triumph against all odds. Snowboarding became his love and therapy at age 5, when his local mountain's adaptive program NAASA, helped Dom build the strength and confidence to shred.

Rory Duncan

Rory is 8 years old from Michigan. Rory found a love of snowboarding at the age of 5. He loves competing with USASA in Slopestyle, Rail Jam, GS, Slalom, and Boardercross. His dream is to one day compete in Slopestyle and Big Air at the X-Games and Olympics. When he is not on the slopes, you can find Rory skateboarding, mountain biking, horseback riding, and perfecting his backflip!

Sophie Gregory

Sophie Gregory, 11 years old, Riverton Utah, Loves to shred. Her main sport is mountain biking, where she competes in the downhill racing category. She has landed on the podium in many national and international races, including 1st place in the US Open. Sophie also loves to ski, rock climb, and skateboard. Participating in a local girls skateboarding club.  

Henry Hukari

Henry is 13 years old, from Truckee, CA. He loves all aspects of snowboarding including slope, pipe, and big mountain. He competes in USASA events and when not riding Henry loves sports such as wake surfing, mountain biking, and lacrosse. He also loves hitting and building jumps and rails with his friends in the yard.

Carlie Hunter

Carlie is a 12 year old adventurer from Flagstaff, AZ. Her first love is snowboarding and she earned 3 top 10 finishes at the 2022 USASA Nationals and is a five time medalist from previous Nationals. Her favorite events are slopestyle and rail jam. Carlie also competes in NICA mountain biking races. She also loves to play soccer, backpack, hit the bike park and go camping.  

Lyon Hyldahl

Lyon is a 11-year old multi-sport shredder from Provo, UT. Lyon’s summer days are usually spent on a bike at a local dirt park, pump track or downhill trail. On weekends, you can often find him competing at local and national level downhill bike races. During the winter months, Lyon’s happy place is in the "white room.” He is lucky to live within an hour of 7 different resorts, all recipient to Utah’s “greatest snow on earth.”

Syd Hyldahl

Syd is a 13 year old multi-sport athlete who has found a niche in the action sports world as a photographer/videographer. In addition to shredding on his bike or skis, he has filmed, edited and produced a number of high quality short films and edits. If you have seen any recent Shred Dog edits, there is a high likelihood that Syd filmed and edited it. Every once in a while he can be found stomping huge tricks in his films.

Carter Jefferies

Carter is a 15-year-old, multi-sport athlete from Granite Utah. With Snowbird just 15 minutes away he is on the mountain every weekend and loves to progress and be with his buddies. When he is off the snow, he loves to ride his mountain bike, dirt bike, and skateboard. He loves to shred big mountains but can also jib his way through the park.

Ayden Swan

Ayden is a 12 year-old, multi-sport athlete from Tottenham, Ontario, Canada. She is a competitive snowboarder going bigger and bigger in the park each time out. Off the snow, Ayden loves wakeboarding, skateboarding, and hiking. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is pizza.

Cami McCarthy

Cambria (Cami) Is an 8-year-old Vermonter and currently a U-10 Alpine Ski racer for Killington Mountain School/Ski Club. Cami has been skiing since she was 3 years old and learned to ski in Pennsylvania at Blue Mountain Resort in the Pocono Mountains. Cami has an absolute LOVE for all things carving. She feels most at home on a slalom race course or fast & icy groomers! She also loves trees on a powder or soft Spring day! When Cami isn't shredding, she enjoys gymnastics, horseback riding, biking, golf, and hiking with her older brother, little sister, & parents.

Amaya Mohammed

Amaya Mohammed is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. From the first time seeing a Penny Board, she's been following her desires to shred - either on a skateboard, snowboard, or even a surfboard. In this last season of snowboarding, she found excitement in doing boxes, thrills in riding the half-pipe, and finds joy in grom competitions. She's grateful for the friends she makes at the parks and for the inclusivity of the community. Hearing the cheers helps her get back up and try again

Leland Vogt

Leland is a 5-year-old snowboarder and skateboarder from Incline Village, NV (Lake Tahoe). He’s been riding as long as he’s been walking, picked up his first sponsor at the age of 2, and several others before turning 5. He looks forward to lighting up the 7-and-under Ruggies age group in USASA snowboard competitions next season.

Neva Peterson

Neva has been obsessed with snowboarding since she first got on a board at age 2. Each year since she takes her riding to new levels and locations. Her favorite disciplines are bordercross and halfpipe and she's especially inspired by the female athletes who are paving the way for girls like her. When the snow melts, Neva enjoys skateboarding, racing BMX, and building with LEGOS, especially vehicles.

Harley Ruffle

Harley is a 4 year old snowboarder from Killington, VT. Harley started snowboarding at 2 years old. He has managed to ride over 100 plus days per season in 2 consecutive years. When he isnt on the snow he loves flipping on the trampoline, playing with his dogs, and skateboarding.

Abby Winterberger

Abby is an 11yo freeskier, member of the Olympic Valley Freeride Team. She is a five-time national champion in Slopestyle, Halfpipe, and SkierCross. Her favorite thing to do on skis is laying out backflips. Her skiing idol is Shelly Robertson. When not skiing, Abby is a competitive gymnast, loves poaching the high dive platform at the Utah Olympic park, she plays lacrosse, and makes a mean smoothie.

Phineas Townsend

Phineas is 9 years old and lives in Summit County, CO. With Keystone across the street and his dad an avid snowboarder, Phineas gets a lot of time on the hill and his rapid progression really shows it. He has competed in USASA and may again, but mostly loves lapping the park, sending huge jumps, and free-riding pow with his dad and friends.

Blake Turbeville

Blake has been snowboarding since he was 5 in Boone, North Carolina. His home mountain is Appalachian Ski Mountain where he rides 4-5 days a week. His favorite disciplines are SBX and Slopestyle. His favorite riders are Luke Winklemann and Zeb Powell. In the offseason he enjoys hiking, trampolines, and riding ATVs.