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kids gloves
kids gloves


Elevated Junior Glove

Sale price$95.00

The most technically advanced youth glove on the market, the Elevated Junior Glove features the perfect combination of warmth, waterproofness, breathability, and dexterity. 

No Retail Markup (Would Be $150.00)

Color:Midnight Black

These gloves pair cutting edge technologies with the best materials from around the world so your kids can stay out on the snow all day long, no matter how wet or cold it is. HDry technology is a revolution in waterproofness for gloves. Instead of a traditional hanging insert that allows water to pool between the face fabric and membrane, (think of wringing all the water out of your gloves after a wet day), the HDry membrane is 3D laminated directly to the inside of the glove shell. No room for water to pool and better dexterity. A DWR on the face fabric helps shed water from the exterior. The palm and wrap-around fingers feature Pittards OILTAC leather for unmatched grip and feel in both wet and dry conditions through specialized polymers and fiber structure that limits water uptake within the leather. Finally, the warmth is provided by strategically mapped 3M Thinsulate insulation; 100g in the palm and 200g everywhere else and a soft inner fleece lining. No more wet or cold hands. These gloves will change your experience with kids on the mountain.

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Product Video with Co-Founder, Dallas Moore

Kids' Elevated Glove

Our Promise to you

100% comfort guarAntee™

Use your gear with the confidence of our 100% Comfort Guarantee™. If our products don't keep you comfortable then we failed our mission and we will make it right.

If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, breathability, or overall performance, depending on the issue, we will repair, replace, or simply take back the gear and issue a refund*. All craftsmanship and any manufacturing defects are of course covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Drier than your Childhood Glove

Elite Waterproofing

HDry® is the next generation of waterproof/breathable glove design. HDry eliminates the gap between the outer layer and waterproof membrane that causes other gloves to absorb water, making them heavy and cold. The gloves stay drier, more breathable, and with better dexterity.

Stay Out Longer

Superior Warmth

3M™ Thinsulate™ is famous for being thin but warm. This glove features 100g of insulation in the palm and 200g over the hand for warmth without the bulk and loss of dexterity.

Fewer Lost Items

Unbeatable Grip

Pittards® OILTAC™ is a premium performance leather that features just the right amount of tackiness that enhances the grip of the gloves in both dry AND wet conditions. The leather also features Pittards' WRX100 tannage for water and sweat resistance.


engineered to last longer

We design all of our gear to be durable and long lasting. Constantly producing more products with short life spans creates excess waste. Anything that can be recycled from non-durable products does still have an environmental effect to make it usable again. Anything that cannot be recycled ends up in a land fill.

We envision a circular commerce system that eliminates waste and pollution, giving used clothing a second life. Enter AKOVA RENEWED™️, our gear renewal program. It empowers you to trade in your used gear and receive a 30% discount off your next purchase of new or used gear. When we design our products, we do not make short term decisions to make more money by using cheaper components wherever we can. We do not take short cuts in quality or durability. Designing for longevity is an eco-conscious approach that aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

purpose driven features

Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Better Dexterity

The drier interior of HDry and the thin-but-warm 3M Thinsulate insulation combine to enable better dexterity and grip. Perfect for handling ski poles, adjusting bindings, and more.

The Choice is Yours

Over or Under Jacket

Wrist and cuff adjustments plus the thin but warm insulation provides the versatility to easily wear gloves either over or under the jacket cuff.