Co-Design Stage 2: Colors and Patterns

Co-Design Stage 2: Colors and Patterns

What you need to know about the Stage 2 Co-Design Project & a recap of Stage 1 results.  A) online project this weekend  B) 3 days to provide input, C) we'll make what is most  popular.

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Thank you to everyone who helped during the first Co-Design project. You are helping us build a brand that will deliver 100% the performance and 50% the price of comparable brands. (click here to learn how we deliver Wholesale-To-Consumer pricing)

During the first Co-Design project, we worked together to refine the basic designs and established the ideal balance between performance and price that best suits the needs of your families. The most popular designs will be shown in the Stage 2 Co-Design project, which starts this weekend!

CO-DESIGN STAGE 2 - View the winning designs & vote for your favorite colors / patterns!

Now that we have refined the basic product designs and desired performance levels, it is time for the fun part... to fill them with colors and patterns.

The What: Vote for the colors and patterns your family wants for the Winter 2018 product line.

The When: November 10th - 13th. (We are aiming to have this project ready for you to start on Friday evening, but it may not be ready until Saturday morning) We had to keep this project short so we could maintain our product development timeline.

The How: Everyone that was registered on our website before November 10th will be sent an email containing a link to the project. If you are not on that list, it is not too late. Register at the bottom of the page to have the link sent to you.


In addition to kicking off the second stage of Co-Designing, I wanted to share just one example that shows why we believe so strongly in the Co-Design process. Our assumption was that kids and their parents would prefer a crew neck for their baselayers. To our surprise, the vast majority of families voted for a 1/4 zip neck configuration (around 70% for both the Boys and Girls). Well we listened, and that’s what we are going to make!



Stay tuned for more updates as we continue moving through the product development process. Thank you all for your input! 














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