Getting Away From the Crowds in Lake Tahoe

Getting Away From the Crowds in Lake Tahoe

For travelers to the Lake Tahoe area that want to get away from the crowds, here's a peaceful, fun, family adventure in the Sierras just a few miles from the lake.
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For locals in the area, weekend adventure-seekers from the San Francisco Bay Area, or destination travelers from anywhere in the world, the Lake Tahoe area is one of the most beautiful adventure destinations with no shortage of fun for the whole family year-round. We will feature Family Adventures and trip ideas for the popular activities on or near Lake Tahoe itself but, for this trip report, we highlight a way for the family to get away from the crowds and traffic and enjoy the Sierras just a few miles away.

map of west shore lake tahoeJust a few miles to the west of Lake Tahoe, there are more than a dozen small mountain lakes to explore whether on foot from a trailhead off of Barker Pass Rd, or if you have a 4WD, there are plenty of fun jeep trails. (for the serious adventuring family, the famous Rubicon Trail is right in this area!)

mountain lake near lake tahoeJust one example of the lakes you can find. Typically campsites are limited but on the flip-side, so are the crowds!

kids in kayaksKids exploring via kayak... not much chance of you hearing "this is boring, can we go home now?" 

finding frogs near a lakeFinding frogs can keep them busy for hours while you set up camp! 

kid scrambling on rocksThe best part of mountain lakes is that they are in the mountains!  The Sierras offer amazing scrambling opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities.

kids on rocks in the SierrasPlaying inside with friends is fun too, but none of these kids are thinking about that when they can be doing this! 

kid taking a break after hikingA little break for some Pirate's Booty as the sun gets lower in the sky. Almost time to hike back to camp for some real dinner and then S'mores!

We hope this gives you some ideas for your next trip to the Lake Tahoe area. Check back for more family fun activities in that area and more! 


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