Welcome to Family Adventures

Welcome to Family Adventures

SHRED DOG Family Adventures is a resource for parents to find ideas for things to do with kids outdoors and also contribute their own family adventures to help other outdoor families.
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Here at SHRED DOG, we are on a mission to help get more kids outside and we are working towards that mission in several ways. Providing premium outdoor gear that lets kids stay outside longer regardless of the weather is part of that, making premium gear more affordable for more families is part of that, and giving back with our More Kids Outside™ program is part of that. And this series of Family Adventures | Things to Do with Kids Outdoors is also part of that mission.

The idea with Family Adventures is to provide a resource for families to find and share great ideas for trips and adventures to get the kids outside. Our SHRED DOG Editor will curate and publish blog posts, photo essays, "top 10" lists, and other ideas. Feel free to browse and find ideas for your family contributed by other families. And if you'd like to give back to the community and share one of your own, we'd love to hear from you and the SHRED DOG community of parents and kids would love to read about your favorite adventures and add to them to their list of future family destinations.

We recognize there are a lot of great resources already available with things to do with kids outdoors, things to do in particular locations, etc, and we are not looking to duplicate or replace any of those. We just want to provide a focused, curated list of the best family adventures that people do with their kids for our community. In fact, as we edit and curate adventures, we'll often link out to other bloggers or sites for more information or related ideas so hopefully you'll discover some new resources as well (and if you have favorites of your own, please comment and let everyone know!). 

We hope you enjoy this Family Adventures series and please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or other comments. 

We'll see you outside!


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