10 Cool Features Your Kids Winter Gear Should Have (Part 1)

10 Cool Features Your Kids Winter Gear Should Have (Part 1)

We design our kids' outdoor gear specifically with kids in mind. Here are 5 of the kid-centric features in our upcoming winter products for skiing, snowboarding, or just playing for hours in the snow.
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We design our kids' outdoor gear specifically with kids in mind. We thought through and solicited feedback from many parents on exactly what features kids really need in winter / snow gear. In this 2-part series, we'll look at 10 cool winter gear features for kids that we have included in our first line of winter gear for skiing, snowboarding, or just playing for hours in the snow.  Here is Part 1 with the first 5 features:



Problem: Kids grow really fast, high-performance outdoor gear is expensive, and other brands only solve half of the problem.

AKOVA Solution: We created a system called Adjust-A-Fit that allows our sleeves and pant legs to be extended and reduced in length. Other brands have you rip a seam to extend the length but then how do you hand it down? With adjust a fit, we allow the sleeves or pant legs to “grow“ with their original owner and then shrink back down once the product is ready to be handed down to a younger sibling. This extends the life and usefulness of the product. The system can also be used to create a customized fit for kids that have longer or shorter limbs than traditional sizes typically accommodate.

Pictured: Adjust-A-Fit system inside the Girls Xena Hardshell sleeve


Problem: The majority of winter jackets on the market are insulated hardshells, meaning the insulation is sewn into the weatherproof exterior and is not removable. This style of jacket works in certain temperatures but is far less versatile in milder conditions or periods of high exertion meaning it either sits in the car or makes your kids sweat. There are 3-in-1 jackets currently available that have removable insulation, but the insulation layer is really just a liner and is not styled or cut long enough in the torso to be an attractive standalone jacket. 

AKOVA Solution: We designed our insulator jackets and hardshell jackets as separate products that can function alone or integrated together in a "3-in-1" configuration. The insulator jackets are styled and cut with a longer torso (including dropback hem) so kids can wear them to school as a standalone jacket in fall, winter, spring, or even on chilly summer evenings. Allowing kids to remove their insulation layer from the hardshell when it is not needed prevents kids from overheating and sweating profusely. This is extremely important because once the inner layers of your kid’s system become saturated with sweat, they will be extremely cold once they stop moving. For example, waiting in a lift line and riding the chairlift back to the top.

  SHRED DOG standalone and integrated kids winter jacket examples



Problem: Activities like skiing & snowboarding include periods of both exertion and rest, resulting in both overheating and getting cold

AKOVA Solution: Not only can you remove the insulation layer as mentioned above, we also included a common feature in adult garments that are typically not included in kids' gear. For the older kids, we added underarm zippered vents ("pitzips") as well as inner thigh zippered vents in the pants. All vents are lined with mesh to help the openings keep their shape and reduce the amount of snow that could get in should your kid fall while the vents are open.

SHRED DOG underarm zippered vents on hardshell kids winter jacket

Pictured: Girls Xena Hardshell underarm zippered vents


SHRED DOG inner thigh zippered vents on kids ski pants

Pictured: Boys Ridgeback Pant inner thigh zippered vent



Problem: To bib or not to bib. Many parents start their young kids off in bib style winter pants because it offers more protection from the elements and any snow that may get up inside their jacket. At a certain age, many kids decide that they no longer want to wear a bib and that they would prefer to wear pants like the adults. Finally, once kids become skilled enough to enjoy a great powder day, they understand the value of a good bib pant and their preference may change again. So how do you choose whether to buy bibs or regular pants?

AKOVA Solution: We created a winter pant with a removable bib module so you no longer have to decide! The removable bib has a hidden zipper that wraps around the entire waist. So when your kid wants to remove the bib all you have to do is undo that zipper. Simple! The bib module even includes a small chest pocket for chapstick, Skittles, cash, or whatever.


Problem: The inner stretch cuffs on my kid’s jacket get wet and stay wet for the entire trip.

SHRED DOG Solution (note: newer AKOVA styles now have a re-designed wrist cuff): We added a rubberized gasket cuff to our hardshell jackets. This feature creates a more water-tight seal around your kid's wrist preventing any snow or moisture from getting up the sleeve. And unlike the inner cuffs other brands use, this material is fully waterproof and your kids will no longer be complaining about putting on a jacket with cold wet inner cuffs before you hit the slopes again the next morning!

Pictured: Close up of the rubberized wrist gasket on the Girls Xena Hardshell

SHRED DOG rubberized gasket cuff on hardshell kids winter jacket

Pictured: Rubberized wrist gasket on the Boys Duke Hardshell


Which feature is your favorite?  And, now, check out Part 2 highlighting 5 more of our kid-centric features.

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