Product Development Update - Feb 2018

Product Development Update - Feb 2018

A behind the scenes look at our product development process, the testing we have done and the results, and the little details we are refining.

We are currently in the process of working with our product development team to find the right balance between performance, price, and durability for the first SHRED DOG product line. It is our mission to keep kids warm and dry with high performance products at Wholesale-To-Consumer prices (no middleman / retail markup).

(Note: All of the photos in this blog post are of the first and second round of prototypes. The prototypes are not made with the final colors or prints, they use the colors of the fabrics that they have on hand at the factory. To see a preview of the colors and designs for the final products CLICK HERE)

The prototype process irons out the little details which are all very important to achieve the most effective and comfortable SHRED DOG gear for your kids. Our first round of prototypes came in January, and the second round at the beginning of February. To ensure the products meet our standards, we have been doing extensive field testing and fine-tuning the measurements on fit models of various ages.

SHRED DOG Product Design

Our field testing includes skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and unorthodox abrasion testing which involves rubbing the fabrics on concrete and rocks. This kind of abrasion testing is extreme, but kids can be extremely rough on their gear. We are designing every SHRED DOG product to meet your kids' needs.

After extensive testing on the first two rounds of prototypes we decided that we need to increase the abrasion resistance of the hardshell face fabric for both the hardshell jacket and pants. We are also changing our baselayer fabric to a thicker, warmer and more durable material. We will be testing these new materials when we receive the third round of prototypes in the next couple of weeks.

SHRED DOG Kids Snowboarding

Along with the updates in fabrics, we are refining the little details that will make SHRED DOG products enjoyable for kids to wear.

Here are some of the features we are currently working on:

  • An adjustable pant waistband that provides the maximum amount of cinch possible, without bunching, for a customized fit as kids grow.
  • Extendable and retractable sleeves and pant cuffs that don't require a seam ripper and can be handed down to the next generation intact.
  • A powder skirt that will function properly when the insulation piece is zipped into the hardshell (3-in-1 configuration).
  • The ideal balance between performance and price for the waterproof / breathable membranes. We are currently looking at either 15k mm / 15k g/m2 / 24 hours or 20k mm / 20k g/m2 / 24 hours (For more info on waterproof / breathable membranes CLICK HERE)
  • A neck gaiter with the right amount of stretch to get over a kid's head, stay in place during use and not slide down, while staying comfortable and not feeling "too tight".
  • The right blend of materials for socks that will keep kids' feet warm and dry without being crazy expensive.
  • A removable hood that looks good up, down, and removed.
  • Pockets that are the right size for small hands and big enough to actually hold the things kids need.

Refining our existing products with your input, and creating new innovative product solutions will be an ongoing quest throughout the life of the SHRED DOG brand. If you have an opinion or question on anything listed above or if there is something you would design differently on the current products your kids use ... WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Let us know in the comments section below.

Thanks for all of your input and for following along during our product development process. 

Dallas & Marc

SHRED DOG Product Development

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