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Men's Elevated Hardshell


Men's Elevated Hardshell

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This uninsulated hardshell provides elite weather protection and versatility for every condition from the harshest storms to warm spring days.

No Retail Markup (Would Be $500.00)

Color:Night Blue

The Elevated Hardshell is designed for ultimate versatility in layering. In cold conditions, layer with our Element Insulator. In warmer conditions, the uninsulated shell will keep you dry without overheating.

Incredibly rad. This jacket is soft, amazingly functional, durable, and warm. I shredded Big Sky, Eldora, and Winter Park. Temperatures ranged from 10 degrees to 40 degrees and the jacket did exactly what I needed. The fit is great, the color is rad, and the helmet fit was perfect.

Matthew R.

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how it compares

Scroll down for detailed look at performance levels, features, and your ultimate price. Although we only sell directly to you with no retail markups, we show the "retail value" of our products so you can compare value head-to-head as well.

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why pay more for less?

Our direct-to-consumer business model means we sell our products directly to you with no retail markup like other brands. Cutting out that middleman markup reduces our prices by about 40% on average. That is what allows us to use these higher quality materials, include more features, and sell it directly to you for a fair price. When your kids outgrow our Adjust-A-Fit system, you can send your jacket in to our Renewed Program and get a discount off their new gear in bigger sizes.

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We travel the world and find the best performance materials and combine that with a design ethos that is centered on product versatility. Better products, that you can use in a wider range of conditions, that last longer.

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By having a more efficient business model that eliminates the retail markup we can spend more money than other brands to include all of the premium features that enhance your time on the mountain.

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Customer review

Best Snow Gear

"WORTH THE PRICE! Loved that the hood is helmet compatible and that the seams are fully tapped. It is the best snow gear that I have had in years and it for sure is worth the price."

- Priscila S.

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versatility that saves you money

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Anyone who skis, snowboards, or spends time in the mountains knows that it is essential to have the right gear for the conditions, otherwise nobody is having fun. Our products have been proven in some of the harshest conditions. Our skin-to-shell layering system allows you to adjust your kit for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Learn the right combination of layers for any temperature and weather conditions.