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Kids' Mid-Weight Neck Gaiter
Kids' Mid-Weight Neck Gaiter
Kids' Mid-Weight Neck Gaiter


Kids' Mid-Weight Neck Gaiter

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Soft, mid-weight, neck warmer to keep the chill off of your child's face and neck while skiing, snowboarding, or riding the chairlift back to the top.

No Retail Markup (Would Be $24.00)

Color:Pink Dog Pile Camo


We have over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing award-winning, expedition-grade outdoor gear and we started AKOVA to make higher performance gear that is comfortable on the mountain, all day long, no matter the weather. By selling directly to our customers and eliminating the middleman retail markup, we are able to use higher performance materials, include more technical features usually only found on top line gear, innovate with groundbreaking technology and materials, and deliver products at a lower price.

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