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#color_blue crush
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#color_blue crush
#color_blue crush
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#color_black ice
#color_gluhwein / smoke
#color_gluhwein / smoke
Women's Legacy Jacket
Women's Legacy Jacket
Women's Legacy Jacket
Women's Legacy Jacket
Women's Legacy Jacket
Women's Legacy Jacket
Women's Legacy Jacket


Women's Legacy Jacket

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Color:Blue Crush

A pinnacle of outdoor innovation crafted in collaboration with Olympic Champion Julia Mancuso, featuring warm, breathable, and stretchy 3DeFX+® insulation and extremely durable, longer lasting and stretch Torain® waterproof and breathable technologies from Toray International Inc. Lightly insulated and built to layer, this design excels worldwide in a vast array of winter conditions. This rugged but luxurious masterpiece was rigorously tested by our team and Julia herself. Built to her exacting standards it ensures long-lasting, high-performance waterproofness and breathability. With precisely placed features for everything you need, this jacket embodies Julia Mancuso's passion for excellence, delivering unmatched durability and capability in a sleek package. Experience seasons of lasting performance with the ultimate ski / ride winter jacket.

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Tested to extremeS

Product Video with Julia Mancuso

Women's Legacy Jacket

Our Promise to you

100% comfort guarAntee™

Use your gear with the confidence of our 100% Comfort Guarantee™. If our products don't keep you comfortable then we failed our mission and we will make it right.

If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, breathability, or overall performance, depending on the issue, we will repair, replace, or simply take back the gear and issue a refund*. All craftsmanship and any manufacturing defects are of course covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.



Our journey began with a singular mission:

craft the ultimate winter gear

We set out to harness the finest fabrics and manufacturing facilities to create the pinnacle of winter sports gear without being constrained by price points set by retailers. Every design decision was solely made around "we only want the best." We were able to create this jacket at a reasonable cost to you by eliminating retailers and retail markups, passing those savings on to you. This is why you can only buy directly from us on our website and our products are not available at any 3rd party retailers or stores.

selecting the right partner


Based out of Japan, Toray International Inc. has a vertically integrated structure that gives them a unique ability to design and produce custom textiles that solve specific real world issues. Torain® & 3DeFX+ are garment concepts that bring together a unique combination of fabrics, membrane, seam tape, insulation and sewing technology for elite performance in a wide range of conditions and exertion levels paired with unmatched durability and longevity. This technology enables us to craft waterproof, windproof, and breathable products with long-lasting superior performance.

gear that moves with you

Stretch, Finally!!!

Waterproof, breathable, durable, and with STRETCH: these four attributes rarely coexist in premium outerwear. Our Legacy gear is able to adjust to your movements, not the other way around. We used an innovative fabric and technology combination from Toray International Inc. that is able to achieve all four of these qualities in a 3 layer construction. In the world of skiing and riding, movement and flexibility are essential yet, without stretch, many other brands have to resort to boxy, bulky designs, forcing you to adjust to the gear instead of it adapting to you. Limited space inside restricts your movements or sizing up creates unwanted bulk. We challenge you to do your research and compare our products to others on the market. There are only a few other premium brands that incorporate some form and various performance levels of stretch fabrics from Toray International Inc. and many of their products are exorbitantly priced (some as high as $1,500) due to middleman retail markups and premium brand up-charges. AKOVA is different. We offer you full range of motion without the hefty price tags.

the most advanced insulation

luxurious, warm, and breathable

When we started the designs with Julia she told us that she wanted a bulletproof exterior and a luxurious interior. Ultra breathable, stretch 3DeFX+ insulation, combined with Stunner Stretch fabric, creates the furnace and plush comfort on the inside of the jacket. The 3D spiral structure of 3DeFX+ enables unmatched stretch while providing exceptional warmth and breathability. Traditional fabric coatings are not needed with the 3DeFX+ insulation, thus eliminating the stuffiness associated with insulated jackets when you start sweating from working hard. Stunner Stretch fabric encapsulates this insulation, providing enduring durability, flexibility, and lush comfort making it perfect for demanding winter conditions.


3 Layer construction

Three meticulously crafted layers work together to provide unwavering waterproofing, windproofing, breathability, durability, and stretch for enduring performance. The outer fabric, both tough and lightweight, defends against tears and punctures, striking a balance between robustness and comfort. The groundbreaking 80x70 Denier Stretch Nylon 66 Primeflex by Toray International Inc. establishes a new industry standard, offering remarkable durability, stretch, and comfort. Beyond fabric, the proprietary sewing technology, specialized seam tapes, and custom backing material fortify construction, ensuring peak waterproofness and breathability, even in harsh conditions.


engineered to last longer

With Torain® our products are meticulously crafted to defy hydrolysis and last longer than conventional outdoor gear. Hydrolysis is the chemical breakdown that happens when water, whether from sweat, rain, or atmospheric moisture, interacts with a compound. Unlike traditional waterproof gear that employs resin materials vulnerable to hydrolysis, our designs ensure lasting durability. When hydrolysis takes hold the surface of the membrane either peels off or becomes sticky. At this point the waterproofness and breathability are compromised. Our hydrolysis-resistant solutions keep your gear intact and on the mountain longer.

Gear that endures, like our Legacy collection, is a sustainable choice by eliminating the need for frequent replacements due to compromised waterproofing, breathability, or overall product durability. Constantly producing more products with short life spans creates excess waste. Anything that can be recycled from non-durable products does still have an environmental effect to make it usable again. Anything that cannot be recycled ends up in a land fill. Creating rugged, high performance, long lasting products is an eco-conscious approach, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

We envision a circular commerce system that eliminates waste and pollution, giving used clothing a second life. Enter AKOVA RENEWED™️, our gear renewal program. It empowers customers to trade in their used gear, receive a 30% discount off their next purchase, and shop for quality used apparel.


go out no matter the weather

beyond the lab - understanding waterproof & breathability ratings


We traveled the world with Torain® prototypes, subjecting them to all conditions imaginable, from Julia Mancuso's free skiing to David Wise's rigorous training and competitions. We pushed the limits, testing the durability and the membrane. Torain® consistently delivered outstanding performance. Surprisingly, many fabrics we have tested with high lab ratings fell short in real mountain conditions. Lab tests aren't the whole story, and we've learned there's more to waterproof & breathable performance than ratings created in a sterile, controlled lab.



Helmet Compatible & fully adjustable

snap down hood

Our hood is meticulously crafted for helmet compatibility and extensive adjustments, ensuring you maintain a full field of view and mobility. This design guarantees versatility, whether you're wearing a helmet or not. If your jacket is zipped up all the way you don't need the hood snap. But when your jacket is partially unzipped and the hood would normally be flopping around, you can snap it down eliminating the hassle of a hood obstructing your vision while upside down during an air or acting like a parachute at high speeds. A well-designed hood is vital in severe weather conditions, preventing snow and water from going down the back of the neck into the jacket and providing wind protection for your head, face, and neck.




We obsessively focused on crafting the ultimate powder skirt, one that excels at keeping snow out on those deep days, enhances airflow, and effortlessly vanishes when not in use. Epic powder days require a fully functional powder skirt to prevent snow from infiltrating the bottom of your jacket. However, we understand that when it's not in use, traditional powder skirts can be cumbersome and floppy. That's why we've reimagined our powder skirt using ultralight, stretchy, and durable Stunner Stretch fabric. We've added a stretch micro-mesh panel at the top to promote improved airflow, and incorporated sleek hideaway buttons that seamlessly tuck it away when you don't need it.

Phone or electronics that need to be kept close to the body for improved battery life.


build your custom system

winter layering

We wanted a layering system that was simple, specifically designed for high output winter sports, and versatile for a wide temperature range.

  • Baselayer - Graphene LS: Thermoregulating next-to-skin comfort, effectively moves moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Midlayer - Legacy Insulator: Warm but extremely breathable synthetic body mapped insulation
  • Outerwear - Legacy Jacket: Rugged and durable protection from wind and rain

Julia has put this three-piece setup to the test in sub-zero conditions. These layers excel by efficiently wicking moisture away from your body and out of the system while preserving the ideal amount of warmth.